Dean is one of Solent University's final year TV and Video Production students. He recently landed a job at Sky News that he will be starting in July.

When Dean first started out at Southampton Solent, he wanted to create his own business. In order to hone his skills and get some professional experience, Dean began embarking on freelance video opportunities with the help of Solent Creatives. He claims that Solent Creatives was not only a stepping stone, but a trampoline for his career; it helped him jump from student life to business life. Thanks to Solent Creatives he gained access to real industry experiences and learnt how to work with proper clients. That's how, over time, he managed to collected his own client database.

Some of Dean's previous work experiences include working as a freelancer for Southampton Airport producing a time lapse piece for the airport terminals 21st birthday (which was then used by BBC South). He has also recorded internal videos on two cruises with Carnival UK. In addition, he worked as a camera operator for Netzreporter News for the Berlinale film festival. Another impressive thing about Dean is that he won The Royal Television Society Bursary Award in September 2014 that gave him - along with other things - access to important and influential people within the television industry.

Out of everything that he's created, his favourite piece is "The Million Mask March". Three months ago, Dean decided to go with some friends on a spontaneous trip to London to film the fireworks. While enjoying a coffee, they'd heard about a protest going on that same night and so ditching their original plans, they decided to stay and record the event. That's how after working all night, they managed to capture this awesome footage about the Anonymous protest. Dean wanted to recreate the particular atmosphere of the protest through his choice of sound and the resulting video was viewed over 8.3 thousand times on Facebook.

With the aid of one of his contacts, Dean managed to get in touch with Sky News. At first he got a one-day gig with the company, but ended up going to London a few days a month for nearly a year to work with Sky. Finally a spot opened up at Sky News and thanks to his previous experiences, talent and networking, Dean got the opportunity to fill that spot for at least a year. Dean had dreamt of being a part of the Sky News crew because of the challenges that present themselves with the diversity of the job. He is really excited about the lifestyle that such a job involves; travelling, filming, and editing. He is mostly interested in global news but he can't wait to discover new things and learn new skills.

We wish him all the best with his new adventure! 

Written by Jihane Keraoun - Anais Eusebio - Lysan Delsael
Work experience authors
Solent Creatives 


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